CRM system for
work with clients

Turn new customers into regular ones, increase the average check
and frequency of visits, develop additional sales.

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One solution instead
several programs

Loyalty programs

Electronic cards

Review Aggregator

Cloud telephony

Cloud telephony

Payment by QR code

Guest WiFi

Online booking

Electronic menu

Online booking

Electronic menu

Cashless tips

Delivery automation

Segmentation and mailings

Reports and conversion

Delivery automation

Segmentation and mailings

Reports and conversion

For restaurants and cafes

Discounts and bonuses

Use any marketing mechanics to attract and retain guests.

Collection of feedback

Feedback from guests from Yandex, Google, Tripadvisor, etc. in one window.

Wi-Fi for visitors

Introduce guests to promotions and news, collect contacts of all connected.

For shops

Any promotions

Increase demand for goods at the right time. Motivate to buy more.

Gift certificates

A popular type of gift to attract new customers. Pay first, then buy.

Referral program

Word of mouth, where buyers receive bonuses for referrals to friends.

For the service industry

Online appointment

The client sees the schedule of specialists and the cost of services, is recorded at a convenient time.


Reduces the number of unanswered calls to zero. Reminds you of missed calls, forwards incoming calls.

Notifications and mailings

The service will remind you of the visit or send an advertising offer via e-mail, Viber, SMS.

For shopping centers

Sales Information

The system will show the number of checks and the income of the tenants to calculate the rent.

Integration with accounting systems

Through which OFD tenants send checks, information about sales will be sent to the landlord's personal account.

Shopping center website on Saby Get platform

A page designed in your style, with cards of all stores and the opportunity to leave a review.

Personal communications
with buyers

Base gathering

Shopping, calling, issuing loyalty cards and more than 5 data collection channels. After any action of the client, his data will be automatically added to the database.

Client portrait

Get complete information about buyers. The system will show contacts, preferences, perspectives of interaction with each client.


Most of the sales are purchases of regular customers. Send offers and evaluate their effectiveness.

Marketing Automation


Divide customers into groups by gender and age, geography, purchasing power and behavior. There are dozens of filters in the system.

Trigger mailings

Program communication with customers through triggers. Connect mailings after the first purchase, for birthdays and other holidays.


Control the results of mailings, track winning message options and cut off ineffective ones.

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