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A complete solution for working with your guests. A single tool for managing sales, marketing, advertising, work with clients and feedback.
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Automate marketing and communication
with your guests.

Messaging and advertising

Automate communication

Reports and conversion

Dynamics of key indicators and customer returning

All solutions in one system

For ease of use

Single guest profile

Detailed information in one window

Customer segmentation

Clearly for your tasks

Quick start.

We will set up a loyalty program.

Our experts will help you choose and set up the appropriate mechanics for your system:

Special offers

Increase interest in the place, retain guests and encourage repeat purchases

We will issue electronic cards.

We will digitize your loyalty system and increase the number of regular guests.

  • Custom card design
  • Built-in loyalty program
  • Free push notifications
  • Detailed analytics

We will connect
guest Wi-Fi.

We will install the plugin on an existing router or connect ours so that you can use Wi-Fi as an advertising channel:

  • Post promotions on the start page
  • Set up automatic SMS mailings when guests have already left the place
  • Collect a user base to interact with them in social networks
  • Increase VK subscribers

We integrate telephony.

By connecting the possibility of a virtual ATE, you can:

  • Collect calls to the CRM system (received, missed, outgoing)
  • Listen to recordings of conversations with guests
  • Collect a database of guests to communicate with them in social networks
  • Analyze and improve the work of hostesses and waiters

We implement the collection of reviews.

The system will collect feedback from Internet sites where guests post reviews:

You can
  • Instantly reply to a review from a single window
  • Save time on collecting feedback from guests
  • Keep a visitor who left a bad review with a prompt response

We will install table booking widget.

We will connect the booking form with the layout of the hall to your website or to a group on social networks so that guests can book a table without leaving their homes.

We will collect a database of guests who have booked a table and supplement information about their order history from other solutions.

Full customer profile after integration of all data channels.

Reports and conversion

Working examples of targeted advertising campaigns.

Case 1: How to increase the number of birthday celebrations in your establishment by 30%

Ready case
Revenue increase

1500 RUB.


500 people are guests whose birthday is next month

Attract method:

SMS sending

Due date:

1 month

We filtered them in the CRM system, separated the audience into men and women, and separated them into those who spent more than 20,000 rubles in the institution all the time.

It turned out 4 audiences, each was sent a targeted SMS message:

>20 000 RUB.

Women who spent more than 20,000 rubles - 50 people

Special offer: double all drinks

<20 000 RUB.

Women who spent less than 20,000 rubles - 130 people

Special offer: choose any 2 dishes from the menu for free

>20 000 RUB.

Men who spent more than 20,000 rubles - 60 people

Special offer: double all snacks

<20 000 р.

Men who spent less than 20,000 rubles - 260 people

Special offer: every third drink is free



150 000 RUB.


10 orders for banquets


5 birthday visits

Case 2: Increasing rating on review sites

Ready case
Revenue increase

Increase the number of reviews on the Internet about the institution


Users connected to Wi-Fi and owners of loyalty cards

Message template:

«Thank you for visiting our place, leave a review (link on the site where you need to leave a review) and get coffee as a gift»

Sending method:

Automatic SMS and push-mailing 4 hours after the visit

By setting up automatic mailings to those who connected to Wi-Fi or used a loyalty card,we received 1200 sends in 3 weeks, of which 34 people left reviews.

This case was repeated 1 time in 3 months, each time only the source of the reviews page changed.


1 200 messages


34 reviews in 3 weeks

Do you want the same?

List of ready-made templates for marketing automation

Intention: Increase in users of loyalty cards

Audience (segment)

Booked a table on the website, ordered delivery, connected to Wi-Fi


Automatic SMS sending:

«Thank you for the order, apply for a bonus card using the link and get a discount on the next visit»

Intention: Motivation for the visit

Audience (segment)

Guests who have not been to the restaurant for more than 2 months


E-mail or advertising in social networks with an offer to visit the institution again in exchange for a bonus or gift

Intention: Increase the number of deliveries

Audience (segment)

Were in the establishment, but did not order delivery


Automatic SMS sending:

E-mail or advertising in social networks with an offer to make delivery with a discount on the first order

And that is not all! We know how:

Increase dessert sales by 20-30%

Bring back those who left the bad
survey feedback

TOP guests

Increase quantity
guests with children

Increase medium
check for 20%

Do you want to know? It's free!

We are happy to share cases of successful advertising campaigns

Additional solutions for CRM.

Tips for employees
  • Instant money in your account
  • Easy and convenient payment by QR-code
  • The staff will strive to improve the service
Electronic menu
  • Updates in real time
  • Photo, price, calories, description online
  • Receiving an order from any device, without waiting for a waiter
QR code payment
  • You will halve the acquiring commission
  • Instant bill payment without waiting for the waiter
  • Modern solution for the convenience of your guests